Central Glass Blowing Section
Special Water Facility (SWF)

Southern Lab 112-(A,B)


   User Committee for CGBS

  1. Dr. Anandh Subramaniam
    Convener, CGBS (MSE), (0512) 259-7215, anandh@iitk.ac.in.
  2. Dr. Nishith Verma
    (CHE), 91-512-2597704/2596124,nishith@iitk.ac.in.
  3. Dr. Pratik Sen
    (CHM), 6312/6732,psen@iitk.ac.in.
  4. Dr. M. L. N. Rao
    (CHM), 7532/7163,maddali@iitk.ac.in.
  5. Dr. Malay K. Das
    (ME), 259-7359 (O) 259- 8206,mkdas@iitk.ac.in.

Minutes of User Committee (Revised User Charges 11 Apr 2016)

Minutes of User Committee (22 Jan 2015)

Minutes of User Committee (27 Dec 2013)