Atmospheric Particle Technology
"Centre for Environmental Science & Engineering"
 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
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Affiliated Faculty
S. N. Tripathi
Theme coordinator
CESE 206, FB 306

Anubha Goel
CESE 204, FB 308
6366/ 7027

Tarun Gupta
CESE 203, FB310

The atmospheric particle technology laboratory endeavours for excellence in research and consulting. The current research interests of the APTL include mixing state and its effects on particle optical and cloud condensation nuclei properties, atmospheric nanoparticles, sustainability of smog-fog-smog cycle and life cycle assessment of replacement agrochemicals. Another goal is to indigenously develop aerosol instrumentation. We use both observational data and chamber studies to meet our research goals.


  • APS
  • SP2
  • OC/EC
  • SMPS
  • High resolution time of flight Aerosols mass spectrometer
  • Photochemical Chamber
  • Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA)
  • Hygroscopic Tandem Differential Mobility Analyser (HTDMA)
  • HR-To F- AMS
  • Denuder Prototype
  • CCNc
  • Portable CPC
  • OPS
  • Vaisala
  • O3 Analyzer
  • Gilibrator
  • CDP
  • Fog sampler
  • Aethalometer