Quantachrome Instrument for physisorption and chemisorption
"Centre for Environmental Science & Engineering"
 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
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Professor Nishith Verma

CESE 127 (Lab-10),
FB -452
Phone: +91-512-259- 6352
Email : nishith@iitk.ac.in

Autosorb 1C instrument for measurement of SURFACE AREA, PORE SIZE, CHEMISORPTION and TPR
Instrument has automatic physisorption and chemisorption by precise vacuum volumetric method for the analysis of BET surface area, meso- and micropore size distribution, active metal surface area, degree of metal dispersion and thermal conductivity detector (TCD) for TPR/TPD/TPO analysis. .
User Charge

  Institute               6X
  Outside Institute    8X
  Lab-10                 X

  X= Rupees 250@sample