Stores & Purchase Section

The procedure to be adopted for the purchase of diverse kind of equipment and stores required by the various users of the institute should be in consonance with the wider objective to achieve excellence in all acitvities of the Institute be it academic, research or extension. Such procedures, therefore, should address to the needs and aspirations of the actual users and at the same time promote building a conducive environment much needed for the furtherance of Institute activities. The related aspects of accounting, record keeping, inventory stock verification, Asset register etc. will need proper attention so as to make the overall stores and purchase systems efficient and transparent. Emphasis should be laid on the use of office automation to achieve efficiency and responsiveness in functioning.


GFR17 GFR-17 form upto 1 lac
GFR-17 form above 1 lac

End Use Certificate Form for Imported Items

General Information: Enquiry above Rs. 50,000/- should be sent to Mr. Vaibhav Gupta
                                  (email id: Ph:7326 ) for uploading on web.


Stores & Purchase Manual (PDF)
Expenditure Sanctioning Authority (PDF)
DFPR 2014 (PDF)

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