Student Chapter of the

*Office-bearers of OSA student chapter of IITK for the year 2017-18:

President: Mr. Govind Kumar, CELP
Vice President: Mr. Agnimitra Sutradhar, EE
Secretary: Mr. Gyana Ranjan Sahoo, Physics
Treasurer: Mrs. Arpita Haldar, CELP

Faculty Mentor

Prof. R. Vijaya
Dept. of Physics & CELP

Workshops & other Events
Upcoming talk:
Speaker: Dr. Venkata Ranaiah Badarla
Title of the Talk: Development of ultrafast optical parametric oscillators
from near to mid-infrared region
Date: 12th Sep. 2017
Time: 4:00 PM
Venue: SL-215

OSA Student chapter of IITK:Invited Talks-2016-17

Date Speaker Affiliation Title of the talk
31st Aug. 2017(Thursday) Dr. Sudip Kumar Chatterjee CELP, IIT Kanpur Selective excitation of higher order modes in Gelatin-coated multilayered fiber for high relative humidity measurement
29th Mar. 2017(Wednesday) Prabodh Kumar Pandey Dept. of Physics, IIT Kanpur Photoacoustics: A song of light and body
6th Feb. 2017 (Monday) Subodh Kumar Gautam Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi Controlled tailoring of oxide thin films by defect engineering for optoelectronic applications
30th Jan. 2017 (Monday) Abhishek Anchal Department of EE, IIT Kanpur Optical phase conjugation and its applications in telecommunications
5th Dec. 2016 (Monday) Prof. Eric W. Van Stryland CREOL, University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA Nonlinear spectroscopy: absorption and refraction
18th Oct. 2016 (Tuesday) Nikhil Deep Gupta ECE Department, MNIT Jaipur Light Trapping in Photonic Crystal based Thin Film
26th Sept. 2016 (Monday Prof. P. K. Datta Dept. of Physics, IIT Kharagpur Optimised Generation of Terahertz Radiation for Phonon Spectroscopy of Doped GaSe Crystal
8th Sept. 2016 (Thursday) A. Kani Dept.of Physics, IIT Kanpur Weak-field Multiphoton excitation

The OSA student chapter of IIT Kanpur is committed to spreading of Optics education and disseminates Photonics knowledge through workshops, lectures and other events.