Ongoing Projects

Dr. R Vijaya
Photonic crystal based devices for light control(DRDO,Rs. 298,00,000,July 2012,3 years).

Dr. P K Panigrahi
Lock-In-Thermography for solar cell and Module Characterisation. Funding Agency: Department of Science and Technology, April 2012 to March 2014, 24.4 lakhs.
Dr. Asima Pradhan Shape-based computational fluorescence optical tomography for grading of dysplasia in cervical cancer progression. Funding Agency: IIT-Kanpur Amount: Rs. 40,00,000 and DBT. Amount: Rs. 47,78,750. Starting Date: September 2010. Duration: 3 Years
Dr. Asima Pradhan Diagnosis of cancer using fluorescence lifetime imaging. Funding Agency: Department of Biotechnology(DBT). Amount: Rs. 82,04,000. Starting Date: July 15, 2013. Duration: 3 Years.
Dr. Asima Pradhan Feasibility study for fabrication and testing of hand held probe for in-vivo detection of cervical pre-cancer by biopsy lab, IIT Kanpur. Funding Agency: DST. Amount: Rs. 20,93,000. Starting Date: February 2014. Duration: 3 Years.
Dr. P.K.Panigrahi
Holographic PIV Development for Bio-medical and MEMS Applications
Dr. K Muralidhar
Laser Heated Pedestal Growth Of Crystalline Rf3+Yag For Dosimatery
Dr. P.K.Panigrahi
Experiments in active control of bluff body drag using a schlieren velocimetry technique
Dr. D.Goswami
Quantum Computing with Ultrafast Pulse Shaping technology
Dr. D.Goswami
Coherent Control with Ultrafast Pulse Shaping