Development of Draft Protocol for Testing of Structural Components and Systems

(a joint initiative of MoHUPA under technology submission of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna & IIT, KANPUR)


To develop testing criteria, following are the details of scope of work for proposing the protocols for structural testing of components of housing units and models of prototype housing units:

  • To study current state-of-the art practice for structural testing to evaluate the intended performance of the various structural and non-structural components as per testing protocols suggested by BIS and other reputed international agencies such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), USA and Applied Technology Council (ATC-58) etc.
  • To study and make a list of existing test standards being followed for structural testing worldwide in the proposed area.
  • To organize a workshop with participants from both academia and practicing engineers.
  • Based on studies conducted and workshop recommendations, propose draft protocols for structural testing as per the requirements of Housing for all project to evaluate the intended performance of the various materials involved, and structural and non-structural components (including models of prototype housing units) against severe natural disasters (primarily earthquakes & tsunamis and cyclonic storms etc.)