Development of Draft Protocol for Testing of Structural Components and Systems

(a joint initiative of MoHUPA under technology submission of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna & IIT, KANPUR)


The GOI scheme calls for creation of houses on a massive scale and would involve use of a wide range of structural materials and components to create any single housing unit. It is also clear that quality and performance cannot be allowed to fall below an acceptable level, whether the yardstick is applied at the material, component or the unit/system level. It should be borne in mind that in such cases, the behavior (or performance) of a final ‘unit’ is related not only to the performance of the material and components (making the unit) but also issues such as workmanship in putting the components together, etc. Obviously, the latter is very difficult to quantify and this only highlights the need to finally test the unit. Also, in addition to the components. As a logical extension of this argument, it is important to test the components also, in addition to testing the material (of which that component is made). As an example, though there are standard methods to test concrete, the need to test a precast element, whether a slab or a wall unit, cannot be overemphasized. And extending this argument, the housing unit where these components are used need to tested independently for performance!!