About Us

SOCE stands for the Society Of Civil Engineers, IIT Kanpur. It has been in existence for more than 3 decades and continues showing its strong presence till the day. It serves as a link between various batches of 'civilians' who have passed out from this institute, professors and anybody remotely related with Civil Engineering@IITK. This site is again an effort to allow free communication and sharing of ideas and information among its members.

Recent Activities

  • SOCE cultural evening SOCE started the new year 2013 with a cultural evening on the 26th January, 2013 with students and faculty both participating and having a merry time. The main aim was to have a get together and bridge the gap between faculty and students. [Gallery]
  • Session with R. M. Venkataraman On 9th Jan 2013, R. M. Venkataraman, Vice President International Geosynthetics, India chapter gave a lecture on Geosynthetics and its applications in civil engineering. [Gallery]
  • Lecture by Dr Umesh Dayal On 7th Jan 2013, Dr Umesh Dayal, Technical Director (Geotechnical), Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc. USA delivered a lecture on " Sustainability and Geotechnical engineering ". He said that sustainability is interpreted as mutually advancing the goal of prosperity, environment and society. He also shared his experiences of NTPC Korba and remediation of Saluda dam. In the end, he spoke about the future prospects of civil engineering. In this regard, he said that one should do something practical; experience is something more important and so work should not be taken as a burden but pleasure. [Gallery]
  • Session with Mr. Anupam Dhiman On 8th Sep, 2012, Mr. Anupam Dhiman, alumni batch 1975 , gave a talk on the various challenges civil engineers have to face initially and how the growth is related to anyone 's patience. We should have value for knowledge like in the west and if we are passionate about something we can definitely grow in the field. [Gallery]