Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Department Of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur
Master Thesis
        Developed by Gobinda Das, Chidanand M J, Akshay Kumar & Abhishek P Singh  
Year Student Supervisor Thesis Title
2019 Mahendra Kaswan Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra Strength and Deformation Behaviour of Expensive Clay Stabilized with Lime and Magnesium Chloride Solution
2018 Pankaj Darjee Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra Finite Element Analysis of Geocell and Geogrid Supported Embankments
2018 Shreya Laddha Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy Impact of Cyclic wetting and Drying on Swell Shrink Behaviour of Bentonite Amended Fly Ash Hydraulic Barriees
2018 Ashwani Kumar Bindal Dr. Arghya Das Effect of Particle Shape on the Interlocking Behaviour of Granular Materials
2018 Ankit Kumar Dr. Arghya Das An Experimental and Numerical Assessment of Nano-porous Shale Rock Permeability
2018 Suraj Kumar Verma Dr. Arghya Das Behaviour of Carbonate sand (Aragonite) under monotonic and cyclic triaxial loading
2018 Divyanshu Lal Dr. Arghya Das Development of Simplified Stress Integration Schemes for Soil Constitutive Models
2018 Ashwani Bindal Dr. Arghya Das,
Dr. Animesh Das
Effect of particle shape on the interlocking behavior of granular materials
2018 Shreya Laddha Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy Impact of Cyclic Wetting and Drying on Swell Shrink Behavior of Bentonite Amended Fly Ash Hydrulic Barries
2018 Surya Pandey Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy,
Dr. Priyanka Ghosh
Seismic stability of embankment with micropile using pseudo dynamic approach
2018 Himanshu Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra Effect of Salt Solutions on the Swelling Potential and Permeability of Clay Soil
2018 Pankaj  Darjee Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra Finite Element Analyses of Geocell and Geogrid Supported Embankments
2018 Ankita Singh Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra,
Dr. Priyanka Ghosh
Numerical Analysis of Seismic Active Earth Pressure on Cantilever Retaining Wall with Pressure Relief Shelves
2017 T K Vaishakh Dr.Arghya Das A Numerical Study on Permeability Variation in Porous Sandstones During Cataclastic Flow
2017 Ghanshyam Bhushan Dr.Arghya Das Effects of particle breakage on the fundamental properties of granular soils: An experimental study
2017 Ayushi  Jain Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy Performance of polymer amended bentonite based geosynthetic clay liners
2017 Ajil Sasindran Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy Variability in the performance of bentonite amended fly ash hydraulic barriers in the presence of hexavalent chromium
2017 C Prabu Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy Stability of fly ash embankment under transient seepage conditions
2017 Shuvashis Maity Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy,

Dr. Sarvesh Chandra
Numerical analysis of high embankments reinforced with micropiles over weak foundation soils
2017 Rahul Singh

Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy,

Dr. Arghya Das
Finite Element Analysis of Shear deformation in Stone Column
2017 Ashish Khattri Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury A study on monitoring and prediction of landslide due to rainfall
2017 Abhishek Anand Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury Dynamic Characteristics of Isolated Square Footing
2017 J Swathy Prakash Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra Ground Response Analysis of Soil from Khatima and Rudrapur Considering Improved Dashpot Model : A Comparative Study
2017 Chinasivunnaidu Vadigalla Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra Finite element analysis of single pile subjected to oblique pullout loads under static compressive loads
2017 Nripojyoti  Biswas Dr. Priyanka Ghosh Interaction of Closely Spaced Strip Foundation on Multi-Layered Reinforced Soil Bed using Upper Bound Limit Analysis
2017 Rajeev M Kumar Dr. Priyanka Ghosh Finite element analysis of vibration screening technique using bamboos
2017 Suvra  Samal Dr. Priyanka Ghosh Static Interaction Effect of Group of Helical Anchors Using Finite Element Analysis
2016 shashank Kumar Dr.Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy

A study on the behavior of geosynthetic encased columns under embankment loading
2016 pranjal Mandhaniya Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Finite Element Analysis of Static and Dynamic Loading on Ballastless Rail Track
2016 Priya Pandey Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury,
Dr. Sarvesh Chandra
A parametric study of ballasted railway track under static and dynamic load
2016 Akhilesh Dahiya Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Modified  mohr columb criterion for tunnels in anisotropic concentration
2016 Ankit Arya Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury A study of landslide measurement and prediction
2016 Dudekula Anusha Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra Analysis of single battered pile in sand subjected to oblique pullout loads


Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra Numerical analysis of negative skin friction in group of piles using non linear consolidation theory

Prashant kumar Bajpai

Dr. Arghya Das Estimation of railway ballast degradation using hypo-plastic approach
2016 Gowthaman M Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra Static and dynamic behavior of clay soil confined with geocell

Arshada Minna M

Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy Swelling behavior of unsaturated bentonite amended fly ash hydraulic barriers
2016 Jabez Selva Raj Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy Stability of embankment under various seepage conditions
2016 Swatantra Verma Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra Ground Response Analysis of Faridabad Soil Considering Improved Dashpot Model

Mitul  Sisodiya

Dr. Arghya Das Effects of lode angle on shear localization in sand
2016 Lt. Col Parvendra Singh Saini Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Challenges and developments in tunneling technology – A review
2015 Madhav.S Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy Suction-water content relationship of compacted soil barriers
2015 kundan Tripathi Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy,
Dr. S
udib Kumar
Time Dependent Processes and Settlement Modeling in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
2015 Alok Pal Dr. Priyanka Ghosh Bearing capacity of isolated and interacting skirted strip foundations using upper bound limit analysis
2015 J Sai Chand

Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamurthy,

Dr. Priyanka Ghosh
Linear and non linear analysis of closely spaced strip foundations using Pasternak model
2015 Aniruddh Kumar Yadav
Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy
 Compressiblity and shear strength characteristics of fresh municipal solid waste from panki landfill
2015 Chandra Mohan Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury A study of seismic behaviour of IIT Kanpur soil
2015 Ramdeo Kumar Dr. Priyanka Ghosh Static and seismic interference of square and rectangular anchors in layered soil
2015  Sreyashrao Surapreddi

Dr. Krishanu Biswas,

Dr. Priyanka Ghosh
Pond ash fiber based geopolymers:processing and geotechnical property assesment
2015 Rupesh Kumar Verma Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Closed form solution for underground openings using polyaxial strength criterion
2015 Priyadarshan Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury Effect of abutment backfill interaction on seismic behavior of skew bridge
2015 Obaidur Rahaman Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury Various aspects of seismic active earth pressure on retaining walls using pseudo-dynamic method


Dr. N.R. Patra Dynamic response analysis of obra pond ash embankment

Adyasha Swayamsiddha Amanta

Dr. N.R. Patra Influence of plastic fines on liquefaction resistance of panki pond ash
2015 Devanshee Shukla
Dr. Sarvesh Chandra
Effect of embanakment height on settlement response of railway track
2015 Anees Naik Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy Behaviour of compacted soil barriers under advective gas flow condition
2015 Yeruva Naveen Kumar Dr. N.R. Patra Buckling behavior of tapered piles under liquefied soil conditions
2015 Puram Nagavalleshwari Dr. N.R.Patra Effect of arching on passive earth pressure for rigid retaining walls considering rotation at top
2015 Vinay Dubey Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Modelling of multilayered reinforced railway track under moving load at high speed
2015 Kapil Babel Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy Reliability analysis of bioreactor landfill slope using moving least square response surface method


Avneesh Tiwari

Dr. N.R. Patra

Numerical Estimation of Negative Skin Friction on single Pile
based on non-linear Consolidation Theory
2014 Abhishek Kumar Dr. N.R. Patra Behaviour of IIT Kanpur soil confined with Geocells
2014 Trupti Das Dr. N.R. Patra Soil Stabilization by Scrap Tire Rubber Waste Material
2014 Ashish Singh Dr. N.R. Patra Liquefaction Resistance of Soil-Pond ash Mixtures: Effect of Grading Characteristics
2014 Sobhan Bhattacharya Dr. P. Raychowdhury Effect of fluctuation of ground water table on dynamic response  of nuclear reactors
2014  Anjali Dr. P. Raychowdhury Ground Response Analysis of Ganga Sand using Shake Table Tests
2014 Siddhant Sharma Dr. P. Raychowdhury Failure mechanism of self-supported electric poles: experimental and analytical investigation
2014 Mainak Majumder
Dr. Priyanka Ghosh
Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy
Finite element analysis of vibration screening techniques using Geofoam in Linear and Non-linear elastic soil
2014 Piyush Sarangi Dr. Priyanka Ghosh
Dr. Sarvesh Chandra
Seismic analysis of soil nailed vertical excavation  using
pseudo-dynamic approach
2014 Paras Ram Puniya
Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy
 Engineering Properties of Municipal Solid Waste Residue: A Case study on Panki Landfill
2014 Mahendra
Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy
SWCC of Compacted Soil Barriers-Its Estimation and Behaviour by Filter Paper Method
2014 Vikash Kumar Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Shear Strength Parameters of Panki Pond Ash at Low confining Pressure 
2014 Shivam Kumar Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Analysis of Reinforced Railway Track under Moving Load at High Speed
2014 Subham Gupta Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Modelling of extensible geosynthetic reinforced granular  bed overlying soft soil
2013 Abhijit Kundu Dr. N.R. Patra Behaviour of Kanpur soil stabilized with Polyethylene Strips
2013 Tanu Shree Dr. N.R. Patra 3D ground response analysis of Kanpur soil
2013 Abhijeet Swain Dr. Priyanka Ghosh Experimental study on interference effect of two closely spaced machine foundations
2013 Monirul Mallick Dr. P. Raychowdhury Seismic analysis of skew bridges including nonlinear pile-soil interaction
2013 Praneet jain
Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy
Performance of geosynthetic encased stone column- A numerical study
2013 Rashmi Kumari Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Shear behavior of RaeBareilly pond ash at low confining pressure
2012 Rajesh Shukla Dr. N.R. Patra Pile response to unsupported excavation-induced
Lateral soil movement
2012 Sanyam Singh Dr. N.R. Patra Effect of Compressive load on uplift Capacity of group of Batter piles in Sand
2012 Suniti Rautela Dr. P.K.Bashudhar Seismic Stability Analysis of Unreinforced and Reinforced slopes.
2012 Vishwajeet Khan Dr. P.K.Bashudhar Optimal lower Bound Solution of Plane Strain Stability problems in Geotechnical Engineering
2012 Sobin Joseph Dr. P.K.Bashudhar Finite Element analysis of Strip Footing Resting Unreinforced and Reinforced laterally elastic Foundation Beds
2012 Deepak kr. Bharadwaj Dr. P. Roychowdhury Probabilistic Seismic Performance of a Bridge Foundation soil system
2012 Niraj singh Parihar Dr. P. Roychowdhury Seismic Slope Stability Analysis of Indian Port
2012 Lopamudra Bhaumik Dr. P. Roychowdhury Seismic response of nuclear reactor structures incorporating
2012 Akshay Kr. Jain Dr. P. Roychowdhury seismic response of highway skew bridges considering soil
2012 Kamal Singh Dr. Sarvesh Chandra & Dr. Amit Prashant Measurement of permeability of kaolin Clay at low Gradient
2012 Deepa J. Dr. Sarvesh Chandra &
Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy
Analysis of Buried Pipe line of Finite element approach
2012 Deepak G. Thomas Dr. Sarvesh Chandra &
Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy
Finite element study on the behaviour of buried flexible pipelines
2012 Kirti Chaudhry Dr. Sarvesh Chandra &
Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy
Modeling of time dependent Response of Unreinforced and Reinforced Railways
2011 Vikas Yadav Dr. N.R. Patra 1-D ground response analysis of some Indian pond ash located in seismic zone 2,3,4
2011 A.Krishnan Dr. N.R. Patra Stress-strain behavior of local soil & pond ash based on steady state strength concept
2011 Sagar chanda Dr. N.R. Patra Measurement of shear wave velocity & evaluation of liquefaction potential of Kanpur soil by seismic downhole technique
2011 Sarvesh R. Dr. N.R. Patra Uplift capacity of group of battered piles & combined vertical & battered piles in sand
2011 Jishnu R. B. Dr. N.R. Patra 1-D &2-D Ground response analysis of Kanpur soil
2011 Srinivasan V Dr. P. Ghosh Interference effect of two near-by circular footings on layered soil
2011 Vivek P Dr. P. Ghosh Static and dynamic of strip footings in layered soil
2011 Rajusha Dr. P. Ghosh Static & seismic interference of strip anchors in layered soil
2011 Vivek B. Dr. P. Raychowdhury Probabilistic analysis of soil liquefaction considering spatial variability of soil
2011 Sumit Jindal Dr. P. Raychowdhury Shallow foundation response analysis
2011 Poonam Singh Dr. P. Raychowdhury Performance evaluation of steel moment  resisting  frame building incorporating nonlinear SSI
2011 Parvathi G.S. Dr. P.K. Bashudhar Analysis of beams on viscoelastic foundations and model parameter estimation