Doctoral Theses



Engineering Geosciences       

2010 A.S.Dasgupta Dr. Sampat K.Tandon  Dr. Rajiv Sinha Landscape Evolution, Sub-surface Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Interfluves in Southern Ganga Plains: Understanding the response to Late Quaternary Climate Change
2009 Nanigopal Roy    Dr.Rajiv Sinha Morphodynamics and Late Quaternary Valley-interfluve Stratigraphy of the western Ganga Plains: Rhythmic Sequences and Monsoonal Forcing
2007 A.K.Prasad Dr. R. P. Singh

 Dr.Vinod Tare

Multi-Sensor Appraisal Of Aerosols, Vegetation And Monsoon Dynamics Over Indian Sub-Continent
2006 Chadrashekhar
Dr. R. P. Singh Modelling of ground water recharge potentiality In parts of the aravalli region, India - A GIS Approach
2000 Vikrant Jain Prof. R. Sinha Fluvial geomorphology analysis with special reference to flood hazard Baghmati River Basin North Bihar, India


Environmental Engineering

2012 J Jai Devi

Dr. Tarun Gupta

Dr. S.N Tripathi

Regional Effects of Particulate Matter on Climate and Health
2010 Aatmeeyata Dr. Mukesh Sharma Traffic Generated Non-exhaust Particulate Emission: Investigations into Particle Size, PAHs, Metals, EC and OC
2010 Subrata Hait Dr. Vinod Tare High-growth Membrane Bioreactor for Sewage Treatment Coupled with Vermicomposting of Sludges
2009 Abdur Quaff Rahman Dr. Saumyen Guha Sewage Treatment In Uasb Reactor: Enhanced Granulation With Natural Polymer And Evaluation Of  EffeCt Of Flow Rate On Mixing And
2009 Manoj Kumar Tiwari Dr. Saumyen Guha Sorption And Biodegradation Of Endosulfan And Chloropyrifos In Agricultural Soils
2008 Kunwar Durg Vijay SinghYadav Dr. Vinod Tare Vermiculture and Vermicomposting Using Human Feces as Feed and Eisenia foetida as Earthworm Species
2007 Alok Sinha Dr. Purnendu Bose Reductive Dehalogenation of Chlorinated Organic Compounds by Commercial Iron Filings: Mechanisms, Rate, Extent and Long-Term Performance
2007 S.P.Shukla Dr. Mukesh Sharma Investigations Into Neutralization Of Atmospheric Acidity Through Characterization Of Rainwater And Particulate Matter
2007  Sagnik Day Dr. S.N.Tripathi Aerosol Radiative Adiative EffeCtsTs Over Kanpur Region In The Indo-GangeticAngetic Basin
2006 Pranveer Singh
Dr. V. Tare Analysis and Application of Vermicomposting Employing Eisenia Fetida



2013 Ajay Dashora Dr. Bharat Lohani Optimization System for Flight Planning for Airborne LiDAR Data Acquisition
2012 Ghosh, Suddhasheel Dr. Lohani, Bharat Visualization Pipelines for LiDAR data with Aerial Photographs: A Study on Development and Evaluation
Dr. Onkar Dikshit Geometric Correction of IRS-1C/1D Satellite Imagery
Virendra Pathak
Dr. Onkar Dikshit Classification of Indian Urban Environment Using IRS-1C Satellite Data
2003 Sunil Kumar Katiyar Dr. Krishna Kumar Dr. Onkar Dikshit Geometric Correction of IRS-1C/1D Satellite Imagery


Geotechnical Engineering

2013 Gyan Vikash Dr. Amit Prashant A New CRS Consolidation Theory And A Compressibility Model For Kaolin Clay With Microfabric Effects
2013 Argaw Asha Ashango Dr. N. R. Patra Static and Dynamic Properties of Expansive Soil Stabilized with Waste Materials
2012 Bijayananda Mohanty Dr. Sarvesh Chandra  Dr. N R Patra One-way Compressive Cyclic Triaxial Response of Rae Bareli Pond Ash
2010 Anubhav  Srivastva Dr. P. K. Basudhar Experimental And Numerical Studies On Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Wallas And Sand And-GeoTextile Interfaces
2009 Arindam Day Dr. S. Chandra
Dr. P. K. Basudhar
Nonlinearly elastic and viscoleastic unreinforced and reinforced foundation beds: Modeling and model parameter estimation
2006 Kousik Deb Dr. S. Chandra
Dr. P. K. Basudhar
Modeling of Reinforced Beds Resting on Soft
2006 K. Shanker Dr. P. K. Basudhar
Dr. N. R. Patra
Some studies on the behaviour of single and
group of piles
2005 Sarat Kumar Das  Dr. P. K. Basudhar Applications of Genetic Algorithm and Artificial
Neural Network to Some Geo-technical Engineering Problems


Priti Maheshwari Dr. S. Chandra          Dr. P.K. Basudhar Response of Reinforced Granular Bed Soft Soil System to Static and Moving Loads
2001 Kondala Ramu Dr. M.R.Madhav Modelling approaches for analysis of reclamation process and response of reclaimed ground


Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering

2013 Kedar Sharma Dr. Pranab K Mohapatra Experimental study on flow past spur dyke in meandering channel
2012 Biswal, Sushant Kumar Muralidhar, K; Mohapatra, Pranab K An experimental study of flow at a right-angled compound open channel junction
2010  Seema Narain Dr.A.Jain Modeling Hydrological Processes using Conceptual, Neural System, and Hybrid Approaches
2008 Deepesh Singh Dr. Bithin Datta Optimal Monitoring Network Design For Contamination Detection And Sequention Equential Characterization Of Contaminant Plumes With Feedback Information Using Simulated Annealing And Linked Kriging
2007 Suresh A Kartha Dr. R. Srivastava Non-Ideal Flow And Transport In Heap-Leaching Of Precious Metals
2007 Anirban Dhar Dr. Bithin Datta Optimal Management And Monitoring Of Coastal Aquifers And Other Contaminated Aquifers
2004 Raj Mohan Singh Dr. Bithin Datta Dr.A.Jain Identification of Unknown Pollution Sources in Ground Water Using Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm.
2003 Sangana Srinivasulu Dr.A.Jain Improved methodologies for rainfall -runoff modeling using conceptual and soft computing techniques and exploration of physical significance in ann models
2003 Rajib Kumar
Dr. Bithin Datta Management of Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers Using Ann-GA Based Simulation Optimization Approach
2003 Pramod Kumar Sharma Dr. R. Srivastava Analysis of spatial and temporal moments for reactive transport in porous media
2001 Dibakar Chakrabarty Dr. Bithin Datta Identification of unknown ground water pollution sources and simulataneous parameter estimation using linked optimization -simulation approach


Structural Engineering

2009 Sandip Das Dr. V.K. Gupta Aftershock ground motion: characterization and effects on damage-based seismic design
2008 Kaustubh Das Gupta Dr.C V R Murty Improvement in Geometric Design of Reinforced Concrete Structural Walls to Resist Earthquake Effects
2008 Dipti Ranjan Sahoo Dr. D. C. Rai Seismic Strengthening Of Open-Groundstorey Rc Frame Using Steel-Caging And Aluminium Shear-Yielding Dampers
2007 Rupen Goswami Dr.C V R Murty Seismic Design of Welded Connections in Steel Moment Resisting Frame Buildings with Square Box Columns
2006 Hemant B. Kaushik Dr. D. C. Rai
Dr. S. K. Jain
Evaluation of Strengthening Options For
Masonry - Infilled RC Frames With Open First - Storey
2002 Jaswant N.Arlekar Dr.C.V.R.Murty Seismic design of strong -axis welded connections in steel moment resisting frame buildings


Transportation Engineering

2010 Ujjal Chattaraj Dr. Partha Chakroborty

Dr. Armin Seyfried

Understanding Pedestrian Motion: Experiments and Modelling
2008 Pabitra Rajbongshi Dr Animesh Das A Comprehensive Design Approach for Asphalt Pavements using Mechanistic-Empirical Framework
2007 Akhilesh Kumar Maurya Dr.Partha Chakraborty Development Of A Comprehensive Miroscopic Model For Simulation Of Large Uninterrupted Ttraffic Streams Without Lane Discipline
2006 P.K.Agarwal Dr. Partha Chakroborty & Dr Animesh Das Strategy for Optimal Resource Allocation in Highway Maintenance.
2002 Raman Parti Dr. B. R. Marwah & Dr. P.K.Kalra Bus transit planning for a large city and decision support system of feeder bus routes for rail transit network