M.Tech Thesis

  Structural Engineering  
2013 Saket Kumar Dr.Samit Ray Chaudhuri, Dr. Sudib K Mishra Performance Enhancement of Masonry Wall using FRP : A numerical study
2013 Puneet Chugh Dr.D.C.Rai Placement of Bilinear Hysteretic Energy Dissipation Devices for Passive Control of RC Structures
2013 Shubham Trivedi Dr. S. K. Chakrabarti A study for Seismic Isolation under long period waves of Near-Fault earthquakes
2013 Manoj Kureel Dr. S K Chakrabarti, Dr.Anil K Kar An Analytical study on Interaction between C-bar and Concrete under Standard Pull-out Test Condition
2013 Bhavana Valeti Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri Seismic analysis of a river aqueduct considering soil-structure interaction and hydrodynamic effects
2013 Kameshwar Singh Nim Dr. Sudhir Misra Enhancement in quality of near surface concrete using permeable formwork liners
2013 Pranjal Pareek Dr. Sudhir Misra Improving Reliability of Schedule Forecasting Using Progressive Feedback in an Ongoing Construction Project
2013 Rahul Yadav Dr. Sudhir Misra Condition and performance assessment of urban drinking water and wastewater pipelines
2013 Mohd Mujtaba Atif Dr.Sudhir Misra, Dr.Sudib K Mishra Performance of shape-memory-alloy-buckling-restrained-brace (SMA-BRB): comparison with conventional steel-BRB
2012 Hitanshu Sethi Dr. V.K.Gupta Effect of multiple events with no repairs on ductility-based seismic design
2012 Vijay Pal Singh Dr.D.C.Rai Aluminium Buckling Restrained Braces for Seismic Resistance of Truss Moment Frames
2012 Amit Jain Dr.D.C.Rai Lateral Torsional Buckling of Laterally Unsupported Single Angle Sections Loaded Along Geometric Axis
2012 Neha Parool Dr.D.C.Rai Seismic Fragility of Multi-Span Simply Supported Bridge with Drop Spans and Steel Bearings
2012 Vimal Karpe Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri Investigating the efficiency of impact echo testing using various signal processing tools
2012 Abhishek Pathak Dr. Sudib K Mishra Stochastic Finite Element Model Updating for System Identification of Structures Characterized by Random System Parameters
2012 Ashish Giri Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri An experimental study on peak horizontal floor acceleration profile in a multistory building
2012 Sudakshina Dutta Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri Effect of building nonlinearity on seismic response of nonstructural components: experimental and analytical studies
2012 Manik Garg Dr. Sudib K Mishra Finite Element Study of Length Scale and Surface Stress Effects on the Static and Dynamic Stability behaviour of Nanobeams and Nanoplates
2012 Sumanta Das Dr. Sudib K Mishra Stochastic Response Evaluation and Design Optimization of Base Isolated Structures under Random Earthquakes
2012 Harikrishnan Panikkaveettil Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri Damage Localization and Characterization Of Civil Structures Using Ambient Vibration-Based Techniques
2012 Nishit Shandilya Dr.D.C.Rai Behaviour of Centrally Loaded Half Scaled Reinforced Brick Slabs
2011 Raghav Sharma Dr.D.C.Rai Pseudo-Dynamic Test on Medium-Scaled Models of Steel
2011 Kanta Prajapat Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri, Dr.Ashwini Kumar Analytical and Experimental Study of Buckling of Plates Considering In-Plane Boundary Conditions
2011 Kaustubh Ashokkumar Mehta Dr.D.C.Rai Full Scale Testing for Seismic Upgradation of Open Ground Storey RC Buildings Using Aluminium Shear-Yielding Damper
2011 Anil Pathrikar Dr.D.C.Rai Elongation Demands on Reinforcing Bars in Flexural Members
2011 Kshitij kumar Yadav Dr. V.K.Gupta Near-Fault Fling-Step Ground Motions: Characteristics and Simulation
2011 Chetan Arun Chinta Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri A Study on Sliding Base Isolation Systems with Non-linear Spring
2011 Kundan Goswami Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri Seismic Response Of Structures and Nonstructural Components in Near-Fault Region
2011 Nirav Thakkar Dr.D.C.Rai Performance Evaluation of Elastomeric Pads as Bridge Bearings under Earthquake Loads
2011 Deepu S.P. Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri Seismic Performance Assessment of Skew Bridges
2011 Ankit Sachan Dr.D.C.Rai Aluminium Shear Yielding Damper for Passive Control of Seismic Response of Truss Moment Frames
2011 Mohd Naseem Dr. D.C.Rai Effect of Compressive Force on Hysteretic Behavior of Aluminum Shear-Yielding Damper 
2011 Shweta Varsney Dr. Sudhir Misra Need for New Environmental Guidelines for Ready Mixed Concrete Plants in India.
2011 Madhusudan Mandal Dr. Sudhir Misra Modeling Behavior Of Reinforced Concrete Beams Under Fire
2011 Shishi Trivedi Dr. Sudhir Misra Structural Health Monitoring Using Impact-Echo Method
2011 Subin Krishnan Dr. Sudhir Misra Condition Assessment of Concrete Surfaces in Rigid Pavements
2011 Vellore Lakshmi Narayanan, Naveen Dr. Sudhir Misra Experimental Study On Effect Of Super plasticizer Type And Dosage On Properties Of Cement Mortars And Suspensions
2011 Sourav Gur Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri A Study On Performance Assessment Of Container Cranes Under Wind Loading
2010 Sunil S Shinge Dr.D.C.Rai
Comparative Performance of Seismic Design of Bridge Piers Using
Various Codes
2010 Ramchandra Dr.Ashwini Kumar Effective Length Factor: comparative study of existing methods and a
proposed model with SEMI-RIGID connections.
2010 Sunil Shinge Dr.Sudhir K Jain

Dr. D.C.Rai

Comparative Performance of Seismic Design of Bridge Piers using Various Codes
2010 Pawan Agnihotri Dr. D.C.Rai On Interaction Between Out-Of-Plane Strength Adn In-Plane Damage Of Un reinforced Masonry Walls
2010 Payal Agrawal Dr.Ashwini Kumar Buckling Of Rectangular Plates Under Non-Uniform Edge Loads: Effect Of In-Plane Boundary Conditions And A Cut-Out
2010 A R Vijaya Narayanan Dr. D.C.Rai Fragility Estimates and Safe Design Limits for RC and PT Flat Slab Subjected to Lateral Drifts
2010 Shriharsh Satish Modak Dr.Sudhir K Jain

Dr. D.C.Rai

Effect of Scouring on Seismic Response of Well Foundation
2010 Manish Kumar Dr.Sudhir K Jain

Dr. D.C. Rai

Ductility Reduction Factors for Masonry In filled RC Frames - Effect of Hysteretic Model Parameters
2010 Shashank Pathak Dr. V.K.Gupta On Non stationary-Related Errors In Modal Combination Rules
2010 Pampa Dey Dr. V.K.Gupta Effect of Residual Displacement and Sequence of Events on Design Force Ratio Spectrum
2010 Satya Kiran Raju Alluri

Dr. V.K.Gupta

Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri

On Estimation Of Seismic Damage From Linear  Response Peaks
2010 Alok Singh Tomar Dr. D.C.Rai Characterization Of Existing Masonry Using In-Situ Tests And Laboratory Tests On Recreated Masonry Sub-Assemblages
2010 Sanjukta Chakraborty Dr. D.C.Rai Significance Of Fatigue Analysis For Concrete Wind Turbine Tower Shafts
2010 Piyius Raj Dr. D.C.Rai Thermal Stress In Mass Concrete Of Heavily Reinforced Slabs At Early Ages
2009 Siddharth Yadav Dr.S.K.Jain Effect of foundation flexibility on ductility Reduction factor.
2009 Srinaganjaneyulu
Dr.D.C.Rai Out-of-Plane seismic behaviors of brick masonry in filled panels with prior
in-Plane damages
2009 Samrath Prakash
Dr.Sudhir Mishra Modeling Reinforcement temperature in R C structures susceptible to fires.
2009 Shantanu Joshi Dr.S.K.Jain Analysis of buried pipelines subjected to Reverse fault motion.
2009 Dhanpal S. Dr.D.C.Rai Evaluation of masonory materials and half dome strecture Lucknow monuments
Resistancy for seismic
2009 M.G.Harikrishnan Dr.V.K.Gupta Estimation of residual displacement for Horizontal ground Motions
2009 Hem Raj Dr.Sudhir Mishra Effect of heat on thermo mechanically treated reinforcing steel Bars.
2009 Chinmoy Kolay Dr.Sudhir K Jain Seismic Analysis of Bridge Abutment soil systems.
2009 Chitnis Neha Satish Dr.Sudhir Mishra
Dr.Purendu Bose
Understanding Cr(VI) transport through concrete.
2009 Gourav Mehta Dr.Sudhir Mishra An analysis of cost overrun and time overrun in Highway Project.
2009 Diwakar Katiyar Dr.D.C.Rai Effect of Reinforcing Bar5 characteristics on flexural behavior of beams
suitable for earthquake loads.
2009 Raushan K Singh Dr.Sudhir K Jain Probabilistic Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis: A case study for
Ahmedabad city.
2009 Suparno
Dr.V.K.Gupta Characterization of near-Fault directivity Ground Motionsorward-
2009 Rahul Sharma Dr.Sudhir K Jain Spectral Amplification Factors of Indian Earthquake Ground Motions