M.Tech Thesis

  Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering  
2013 Ribhu Shankar Chaubey Dr. Shivam Tripathi Impact of Land Use Land Cover Change on Streamflow of Punpun River
2013 Azad Kumar Sharma Dr.A.Jain Rainfall-Runoff Modeling using Conceptual, Neural Network and Hybrid Approaches
2013 Moiz Usmani Dr.A.Jain Investigation of the Extrapolation Ability of ANN Hydrologic Models
2013 Indulekshmi Dr. Shivam Tripathi Inter-comparison and Uncertainty Quantification of Gridded Rainfall data over India
2013 Ritunjay Kumar Jha Dr. Shivam Tripathi Hydraulic Investigation for the Breaching of Kosi River Embankment
2012 Prerna Agrawal Dr.R.Srivastava Estimation of parameters for homogenous and layered unconfined aquifers using delayed yield type curves
2012 Rohan Uttam Parakh Dr.R.Srivastava Stability of Two Dimensional Smooth Convex Bodies with General Polygonal Cross-sections in Zero Gravity Situation
2012 Maulishri Dr.A.Jain Modelling Rainfall-Runoff Process in Godavari River using Conceptual, Neural Network and Data Transformation Techniques
2012 Sankalp Lahari Dr. Shivam Tripathi Simulation of Flows Past a Sharp-Crested Weir
2012 Rai, Pankaj Kumar Dr. Shivam Tripathi Calibration of Soil Moisture Capacitance Probe
2012 Medhi, Hemanta Dr. Shivam Tripathi Regional Flood Frequency Analysis for Ungaged Sites
2012 Harendra Kumar Gupta Dr.A.Jain Modeling Stage-Discharge Relationship and Rainfall-Runoff Process using ANN and Data Transformation Techniques
2012 Tirthankar Roy Dr.A.Jain,Franz Lennartz,Niels Schütze Optimal Water Management in Arid Coastal Regions with Surrogate Models: A Simulation-Optimization Approach
2012 Rajarshi Das Bhowmik Dr.A.Jain Statistical Downscaling of Global Climatic Variables to Daily Rainfall in a Small Spatial Window in South-Central India Using Neural Networks & SDSM 4.2
2012 Pramod Soni Dr.R.Srivastava Performance of Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model over Mahanadi Basin
2012 Neha Singhania Dr. Shivam Tripathi An Experimental Investigation of Time-Evolution of Pressure Flow Deck Scour
2011 B V Vishnu Dr.R.Srivastava Artificial Groundwater Recharge in Layered Soils
2011 M Vamshi Raj Dr.P.K.Mohapatra Effect of Debris on Temporal Scour Around Bridge Pier
2011 Amit Kumar Jha Dr.R.Srivastava Development of a conjunctive surface subsurface model for analyzing runoff sensitivity to rainfall pattern
2011 Jani Fathima Jamal Dr.A.Jain Knowledge Extraction and ANN Hydrologic Model Development
2011 Kanishka Sharad Ganvir Dr.P.K.Mohapatra Study of Scour Around Bridge Pier with Collars
2011 Rajendra Kumar Dr.P.K.Mohapatra Analysis of scour around dikes in meandering channel
2011 Debsunder Dutta Dr.A.Jain Indian Monsoon Rainfall Forecasting Using Global Spatial & Temporal Tele-Connection Data
2011 Md Nadim Heyat Jilani
Dr.P.K.Mohapatra Dr.S.C.Misra
Identifying critical success factors for implementing ERP in water resources industry
2011 Ankit Dudeja
Effect of climate variability on water resources of Andaman Islands
2011 Debsunder Dutta
Indian Monsoon Rainfall Forecasting Using Global Spatial and Temporal Tele-Connection
2010 Anubhai Bhargava
Dr.R.Srivastava Dr.A.Das
Permeability estimation of porous asphalt mixes : a numerical and experimental study
2010 Prashant Gupta
2-Dimensional Infiltration through layered Soils
2010 Manoj Kumar Diwakar
Numerical Simulation of Flow Past a Dike
2010 Binesh P Joy
Development of Hybrid-Conceptual ANN Hydrologic Models and Knowledge Extraction from Trained ANN Hydrologic Models Using Sensitivity Analysis
2010 Kapil Rohilla Rohilla
Experimental study of flow in a compound channel with steep slope
2010 Umang Kumar Singh
Equivalence of soil constitutive models for the case of transient flow in layered soils
2010 Divya Kiritkumar Bhatt
Calibration of Conceptual Models for Daily Rainfall-Runoff Modeling
2010 Narendra Patel
Study Of Flow In A Single Pipe With A Partial
2010 Arif Akhtar
Numerical modeling of transient two dimensional flow in layered soils
2010 Amrapalli Garanaik
Simulation of flow past a horizontal pipe
2009 Ajay Kumar
River Training works for a meandering revir
2009 Chandra Shekher
River Training work for a navigable channel
2009 Sonali Pattanayak
Flow over a Rectangular side weir under subcritical conditions.
2009 Vikas Kumar
Dr.Ashu Jain
Hybrid Modeling of Rain fall runoff process
2009 Chiranjib
Flow and transport through Layered Soils
2009 Md.Ayaz
Parameter Estimation from Break through Data
2009 Sarika Verma
Discharge Coefficient for a Submerged Sluice gate
2009 Shekhar Chandra
River training work for a navigable channel
2009 Ajay Kumar Verma
River Training Works for a Meandering River
2009 Sonali Pattanayak
Flow over a rectangular side weir under sub critical conditions
2009 Vikas Kumar Vidyarthi
Hybrid modeling of rainfall- runoff process