Login (Faculties, Students and  Staff)
  Login is provided to all the students, faculty and staff members.
  Faculty members retain their login account even after retirement.
  The same login is used to access all CC facilities.



Login (Project Employees) 


For email a/c, there is no charge.  




For Web access, charges are Rs. 200 per month for Project Associates and higher, which are deducted automatically by R & D Office from their salary/project/self payment. For others Rs. 200 per month may be deducted from their salary/project/self payment on optional basis for which they shall have to submit a money transfer form available in R & D website in this link:  <<Click Here>>




For Shell Account (login on CC machines), the charges are Rs. 1,000 per month.



This includes, besides web and email service, access to PC labs, use of all software on PCs, and a disk quota on central file server (same as students). However, this does not include access to compute servers. Charges for that are levied separately on a case-to-case basis.



New Login Procedure

Please download the requisite form and submit the dully filled form in Computer Center (CC) help desk office.

 Download New Login Forms  

  Form for New Login for Students & Regular Employees in CC  

 Download PDF  

  Form for New Login for Project Employees in   CC      

Download PDF 




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