Email facility is automatically provided to the user having login in CC.
  The email address of the user is <user name>
  All officers including Faculty and Academic Staff are given 4 GB of space for email storage and other staffs including students are given 1 GB of space for email storage.
  Maximum size of outgoing mail can be 25 MB, and the maximum size of incoming mail can be 16 MB.
  If the mail box size exceeds the limit, the email access is disabled.

Deleted mail box can be retrieved from the Backup on request, provided the 

request is made within a fortnight of the deletion date.

  Computer Centre is also maintaining lists server to send emails to a group of users. The detailed information is available at: <<Click Here>>


For any Mail Related Query, send email to :

For more details contact :
Issues Concerned Person E-mail Contact No.
All mail server related issues  Mr. Soumitri Mishra 6050
Mail restore from backup  Mr. Ashish Verma 7446


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