A multiprocessor is a tightly coupled computer system having two or more processing units (Multiple Processors) each sharing main memory and peripherals, in order to simultaneously process programs.


Sometimes the term Multiprocessor is confused with the term Multiprocessing.


Multiprocessing is a type of processing in which two or more processors work together to execute more than one program simultaneously.


The term “Multiprocessor” refers to the hardware architecture that allows “multiprocessing”.


Why Choose a Multiprocessor?


Ø A Single CPU can only go fast, but more than one improves performance

Ø Multiple users

Ø Multiple applications

Ø Multi-tasking within an application

Ø Responsiveness and/or throughput

Ø Share hardware between CPU's


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There are several machines from reputed vendors for distributed computing with processors varying from 4 to 15.





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Multi-processors combine the difficulties of building complex hardware systems and complex software systems. Parallel processing is a future technique for higher performance and effectiveness for multiprogrammed workloads.





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