In Computer Center, IITK


  • In all, there are 170 seats for users in CC. 
  • Computer Center facilitates 2 Linux labs and 2 Windows labs in CC.
  • All labs are occupied by high configured PCs. 
  • Two of the labs in CC have been equipped with a Projector and a Whiteboard. These are the smaller labs upstairs.
  • These labs can be used for any computer-based instruction, and can be booked by any instructor.
  • These labs are also available for short-term courses on payment basis.
  • To Windows Lab, please contact Mr. Gopesh Tewari (
  • To Linux Lab, please contact Mr. Soumitri Mishra (



S No.


Description No. Of Seats Locations PC




Lab 1 (Windows) 40 First Floor Windows PCs




Lab 2 (Linux) 35 First Floor Linux PCs




Lab 3 (Linux) 70 First Floor Linux PCs




Lab 4 (Windows) 25 First Floor Windows PCs





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