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Dean of Digital Infrastructure & Automation

 Sumit Ganguly  #105 #4060  7252 (O)
8716 (R) 
Email: sganguly[AT]
www:  Home Page 

Chief Computer Engineer

 Navpreet Singh  #N/w Gp #672 7530 (O)
8347 (R)
Email: navi[AT]
www:  Home Page 

Principal Computer Engineer

 Brajesh Pandey  #108  #328 7431 (O)
8348 (R)
Email: brajesh[AT]
 Gopesh Tiwari  #111  #3029 7603 (O)
8352 (R)

Email: gopesh[AT]

www:  Home Page


Computer Engineer

 Prajwal Bajpai  #109  City 7796 (O) Email: prajwalb[AT]
www:  Home Page
 Soumitri Mishra  #107  #352 6050(O) Email: soumitri[AT]
www:  Home Page

Senior Technical Superintendent

 C B Srivastava  #114  City 7828 (O)  Email: bhan[AT]

Technical Superintendents

 Anjanee Kumar  #N/w Gp  #295 6969 (O)
8403 (R)
 Email: anj[AT]
 Ashish Verma  #106  #294 7446 (O)
8495 (R) 
 Email: vashish[AT]

Jr. Technical Superintendent

 Satyam Gupta  #N/w Gp  #215 7371 (O)  Email: satyam[AT]

Sr. Technicians

 Abhay Verma   #101  #1088 7239 (O)
5088 (R)
 Email: abhay[AT]
 Bharat Somaiya  # 209  #165 7008 (O)
5165 (R)
 Email: bsomaiya[AT]

Jr. Technician

 Rajat Katiyar  #N/w Gp  #1055 7371 (O)
5055 (R)
 Email: krajat[AT]

Office Staff

 R K Dwivedi   #101  #224 7651 (O)
8308 (R)
 Email: rkdwi[AT]

Project Staff

 Vijay Gaur  #N/w Gp  City 7371 (O)
6643 (O)
 Email: vkg[AT]


* All numbers have DID (Direct Inward Dialing) facility. To dial from outside, please dial "0512-259-xxxx"&"392-xxxx" where xxxx is the four digit extension number given above.



The Centre is led by a Head of the Department, who is a faculty member from an academic department of the Institute, for a three year term. The operations of the Centre are managed by the Head of the Department who is supported by computer engineers and technical staff.





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