The Institute has subscribed to iThenticate and Turnitin for use by students and faculty to check originality in their work.


A comparison between iThenticate and turnitin is given here:


Frequently asked questions about iThenticate and Turnitin and also demo and help videos are available on the websites and respectively


Please note that only members of academic staff are given an account on both these products. Students are not directly given an account.


In case of turnitin, the instructor can form a class of students, which her students can join. Then the students can directly submit their work for originality reports. The instructors can also upload their own work/or their students' work directly for checking.


For getting an account on one or both these products, only members of acadstaff list may mail their request to gopesh[at] in the following format:


            First Name, Last Name, iitk email

            and indicate the product interested in.



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