Information for Non-IITK Users of HPC Facility at IIT Kanpur:




The HPC Facility of IIT Kanpur can be extended to HPC researchers of Government Universities/Institutes in the northern region of India for a limited period of time. Faculty members working in the area of High Performance Computing in Universities/Institutes in this region, preferably in the vicinity of Kanpur, may apply for a Login in the HPC Facility if they wish so.




Collaboration with IIT Kanpur is desirable.




The application should be accompanied by a research proposal in the HPC area duly forwarded by Head of the Institution and a duly filled “Login Form for Non-IITK users” given below, and have to be submitted to the Computer Center.


 Login Form For Non-IITK Users


All such proposals would be reviewed by the HPC Advisory Committee of IIT Kanpur and login would be granted for a limited period if approved by the HPC Advisory Committee. The decision of the HPC Advisory Committee will be final and binding to all such applicants.




Please also note that applicants granted login will be required to come to IITK for a week to get familiar with the HPC facility and its remote use.







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