Internet server is a special computer built up with selected high quality components - which can endure incessant work and high load, and is connected to the Internet "24x7" so that each Internet user around the world can access your website at all times. These servers are very rarely switched off for maintenance activities.

Depending on the expected load and the type of services, which this computer will provide, different configurations can be set up. Say for example :

For File or Image hosting - a single processor with many large size hard disks can be configured for best performance.

For Database hosting - a multiprocessor solution combined with small-sized but very fast and stable hard disks would be great for delivering high throughput and performance.

To ensure better Internet connectivity, these internet servers are stored in a data center, where it is mounted into a special racks, which offers good ventilation and easy maintenance; with proper cooling facility.



In Computer Center, IITK - following Internet Servers are used


vsnlproxy bsnlproxy nknproxy


ironport2 access




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