A time server is a server that distributes the actual read time from a reference clock to all of its clients using a computer network. The time server may be configured as a local network time server or as an internet time server.

Network Time Protocol (NTP)is the most important and widely used protocol for distributing and synchronizing time over the Internet. A variety of protocols are in common use for sending time signals over radio links and serial connections.

The time reference used by a time server could be another time server on the network or the Internet, a connected radio clock or an atomic clock.The most common true time source is a GPS or GPS master clock. The main motive for using a dedicated time server is to provide accurate time to all its clients across the network - locally or globally. Time servers can be used or configured sometimes as multi-purpose network servers, dedicated network servers, or dedicated devices.



In Computer Center, IITK - following Time Server is used

NTP Server





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