You can configure direct Internet access (No Proxy) using DHCP and following the below steps :




Set the following static DNS server settings :






If using Microsoft Windows operating system.



Change the DNS Server Settings as follows:

Primary DNS     - 
Secondary DNS - 



If using LINUX operating system.



Edit the file "/etc/resolv.conf" as follows:

nameserver - 
nameserver -








Do not set any proxy server in your browser.





If you use any http/https application, you will be prompted for secure authentication by a Web Security Appliance called Cisco IronPort.




Although the SSL Certificate has been installed in the IronPort appliance, but in some browsers, you may be get a certificate error prompt. In this case, please install the following certificates in your browser:







For IE 8 onwards, you need to install Thawte SSL CA in your browser.




For IE 6 or lower version, you need to install Thawte SSL CA and Primary Root CA in your browser.




For Google Chrome, you need to install the above mentioned certificate(s), depending on the IE version you are using.







To install the above certificates, you need to follow the following steps:







Download the certificate(s).




Click on the certificate(s).




Click on Install and follow the steps by pressing Next.








If you want to use any other application like ftp, ssh, sftp, Outlook, Thunderbird, Skype, Torrents etc., you will have to authenticate first.




To authenticate, please visit the URL: <<Click_Here>> from any browser.

It will prompt you for secure authentication. After authentication, you need to keep the authentication window open/minimized.

After you have authenticated, you can use any application other than http/https like ftp, ssh etc.

Once you have used the desired application, you can logout. In case of inactivity, the authentication automatically expires after 2 hours.





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