The procedure below explains how to set-up Direct Internet Access on your PC.





Use the following DNS Servers:





If using Microsoft Windows operating system.



Change the DNS Server Settings as follows:

Primary DNS     -
Secondary DNS -



If using LINUX operating system.



Edit the file "/etc/resolv.conf" as follows:

nameserver -
nameserver -








Browser Configuration :






If using Mozilla Firefox browser, please setup as follows:



Tools -> Options... -> [Select Advanced] -> Network -> Settings
Select "No Proxy".




If you are using Internet Explorer browser, please setup as follows:



Tools -> Internet Options -> [Select Connections] -> LAN Settings
Un-check "Proxy server" Configuration.








Now try to access Internet with Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser, you will get an Authentication Window as shown below:





Authenticate yourself with your CC Login/Password, you will find a following page... 











Please click on New Window to access internet and minimize the authentication window.




In case you click on Logout, you will get authentication page again whenever you want to access internet.




In case you close the authentication window, then your current authenticated session will be valid for at-most 5 minutes after which you will get the authentication page again.




You are requested to click logout in the authentication page as soon as you complete your browsing activity. Otherwise someone may misuse it.








For applications other than Browsing :



To use any other application such as mail IMAP/POP, SSH, FTP, Skype, Google Talk etc., you must first authenticate yourself by accessing the Internet through the browser and keep the authentication window minimized while you are accessing the application.




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