Request for Knowledge Sharing and Inputs for the purchase of a UPS System


Computer Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (CC) would purchase an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) System along with battery backup as an addition to its data centre. This document is intended for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge already gathered and thereby formulating a request for proposal. However, the response to this request is a voluntary service by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and has no binding on CC or Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur whatsoever.


OEMs having operations in India are requested for a brief presentation (around 45 minutes) at the Computer Centre lIT Kanpur as per some specifications set out in this document. They are also requested to fill up the attached questionnaire covering the product that they consider would be suited for the specification s laid down . Suggestions for modification on the specifications within the framework of the requirement s may be made . However acceptance of any suggestion rests solely with CC. The scheduled dates for the presentations are August 19, 2019 and August 20, 2019. Please schedule a day in consultation with Mr Abhay Verma ( (Ph : 05126797239).


Presentation Format:

  1. It is requested that a company profile of no more than five minutes with turnover of the UPS business be included at the beginning of the presentation.
  2. This should delineate manufacturing units in India clearly and also cover parts that are not manufactured in India.
  3. The ability to entertain service requests at Kanpur should be elaborated upon.
  4. The ranking of the company as per standard published ratings say Frost and Sullivan should be given.Some other rating may also to be provided as long as it is available  in the public domain.
  5. The certifications with the OEM (the standards that the UPS conforms to) that have been listed in the specifications should be covered in at most another five minutes.
  6. Suggestions on deleting and adding certifications can be given but an explanation for the reasons of addition or deletion would be welcome.
  7. The rest of the presentation should focus on technical details. Some technical details have been also requested in the questionnaire.
  8. Any inputs will help formulate and better understand the requirements and specifications and we thank you for your voluntary service. Please keep in mind that this is purely an information gathering exercise and brief educative inputs are welcome.


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