Venue and Class Timing

19:30 to 20:25
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Who Can attend

All IITK students, staff and faculty members; all IITK campus residents (children above 16 are eligible to apply) and selected school children from Kanpur City


All participants will be given a certificate by CCE, IIT Kanpur, after successful completion of the course.

About the Course

Duration: 3 Months, 16 Aug to 15 Nov 2023

Learning Objectives:

In this introductory course, the participants will be exposed to the basics of Hindustani Classical Music, and how to appreciate its nuances. After going through this module, the participants will be able to appreciate the intricacies of a Hindustani classical vocal/instrumental performance, and they will be able to take up further advanced courses on classical music.


No prior knowledge is expected, except an interest in music.

Course fees:

Non-refundable, one-time down payment to CCE, IIT Kanpur at the time of final Registration.

  1. IITK Student/Faculty/Staff/Guest/Visiting Faculty/PDFs/ Project Staff: Rs. 4000/- (no GST)
  2. IITK Campus resident, relative of IITK Faculty and Staff: Rs. 4720/- including 18% GST
  3. Selected/Invited students from outside IIT Kanpur: Rs. 4720/- including 18% GST
  4. All others: Rs. 7080/- including 18% GST

* Minimum 75% attendance is mandatory
** Please note that you will have to make your own arrangements for local transport to/fro IIT Kanpur from your respective residences.

Broad Course Outline/ Day-wise topics

Day 1: Introduction to Hindustani classical Music
Day 2: Basic element of music: Swar
Day 3: Types of swaras
Day 4: Explanation of Naad and Shruti, Relation between Shruti and Swar
Day 5: Types of swaras and how they sound
Day 6: Singing different swaras and identifying them by listening
Day 7: Concept of Alankaar
Day 8: Formation of Alankaar
Day 9: Alankaars of two and three swaras
Day 10: Alankaars of four swaras
Day 11: Alankaars of five swaras with deviated notes.
Day 12: Concept of Laya
Day 13: Application of different Layas in Hindustani Classical Music (HCM)
Day 14: Multiple Layas used in music
Day 15: Alankaar with multiple Layas
Day 16: Identifying Layas by listening
Day 17: Concept of a Taal
Day 18: Common Taalas used in HCM
Day 19: Hand representation of Taal
Day 20: Description of Taanpura and its use in HCM
Day 21: Singing different swaras with the help of Taanpura
Day 22: Notation systems of HCM
Day 23: Writing a line of song in HCM Notation
Day 24: Introduction to Thaat
Day 25: Different Thaats in HCM
Day 26: Concept of Raag and its characteristics
Day 27: Different singing styles in HCM and description of a Bandish.

Resource Person

Dr. Devanand Pathak

Dr. Devanand Pathak is a B-High graded Violin artist of All Indian Radio (AIR) Lucknow since 2001 and has recorded his music several times for AIR.
His preliminary Taalim (training) started from his father Pandit Umakant Pathak when he was six years old. Later he took up the formal discipleship of Late Prof. R. P. Shastri ji of Banaras Hindu University in a Guru-Shishya Parampara. He obtained Ph.D. in Music from Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh, and is a gold medalist in Sangeet Alankaar, as well as in M. A. in Music. He is also Sangeet Visharad in vocal music.
He is an empaneled artist of Indian council of Cultural Relations, New Delhi and on 2nd Dec. 2019 he has performed in Hyderabad House, New Delhi in the presence of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji and other international guests. Dr Pathak has been highly appreciated by audience across the different cities of India like Kanpur, Jhansi, Lucknow, Banaras, Patna, Guwahati and Mumbai. He has also won the prestigious UP Sangeet Natak Academy Yuva Varg prize in 1993. Dr. Pathak is an Indian classical musician par excellence with ‘Gayaki’ and Tantrakaari style of playing violin.
He was associated with IIT Guwahati from Jan. 2015 to July 2018 as a Visiting Artist in Residence and taught Hindustani classical violin to the students of the institute. Presently, he is working in Media Technology Centre of IIT Kanpur.

Registration Procedure

Last date of pre-registration is August 12, 2023

Step #1: Pre-registration (no Payment required at this stage)

By Pre-registering for the course on our website, you fix your position in the First-Come-First-Serve queue. You also commit that if selected you will pay the applicable fees and attend the course. Please pre-register only if you are serious about attending the OFFLINE course which will be held at the campus of IIT Kanpur. Based on the information you provide during pre-registration, course organizers will select you for the course and invite you to go to Step 2, i.e., REGISTRATION.

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Step #2: Registration (Full Payment required at this stage)

Selected participants who have completed pre-registration properly and have been invited by the Course Organizers will be required to complete their Registration by paying the applicable fees in a stipulated time period. The payment portal will be informed to the selected participants. If we do not receive you completed registration form including the payment till the deadline, we will then invite others in the waiting list.