About the Course


From December 04 to December 15, 2023 (No class on Saturday and Sunday)

10 days (15 hours of instruction), 1.5 hrs/ day: 16:00 to 17:30 hrs on working days

Learning Objectives:

The workshop is aimed for a hands-on experience in clay. It is designed to explore pottery at beginner’s level which will offer participants further clarity into clay art and the means to process and translate their ideas onto clay with all the techniques learnt throughout the workshop.


No prior knowledge is expected, except an interest in Pottery.


The workshop is designed to train students through a fun, mindful and creative process. The unconstrained nature of clay always gives way to freedom of one’s expression and working with clay has also been scientifically proven to be a deeply meditative and therapeutic process. It hopes to give participants a short experience of artistic therapy through these 10 days engaging hands-on workshop.

Venue and Class Timing

16:00 to 17:30
Monday to Friday

Who Can attend

All IITK students, staff and faculty members; all IITK campus residents (children above 16 are eligible to apply) and selected school children from Kanpur City


All participants will be given a certificate by CCE, IIT Kanpur, after successful completion of the course.

Course details/ Outline:

Day 1: Introduction to Clay and Pottery Methods of Pottery, Hand built Pottery (Pinching, Coiling, Slab-making), Wheel Pottery
Day 2: Slab-making and Cutting Tiles To cut shapes of accurate size from clay sheet using cardboard stencil and tile cutter.
Day 3: Joining and Luting Rediscovering shapes through clay. A variety of utility objects can be made by cutting shapes from clay sheets and joining them together.
Day 4: Surface Decoration Sgraffito, Carving, Painting with slips or under glaze, painting a resist on to a leather hard surface, Stamps (to create texture from leaves, fabrics, sticks or stamp rolling pins).
Day 5: Seam Joint To make objects that have simple cylindrical shapes like mugs, storage jar, flower vase, teapot, candle holders etc.

Day 6: Basics of Wheel Pottery (Throwing) Attaching and centring, Coning and Opening, Loading the kiln for bisque firing (at 900°C )
Day 7: Raising, shaping, cutting and removing.
Day 8: Glazing the bisque ware (up to 1250°C) Different ways to apply glazes: Dipping, Pouring, Brushing, Spraying, Splattering, Stippling, Sponging, Glaze trailing etc. and Loading the Kiln for glaze firing.
Day 9: Practice on wheel and discussions about clay and pottery
Day 10: Opening of Kiln (glaze ware) and Presentation of participants’ work.

Resource Person:

Durga Verma
(Course Instructor)

Tel: 9305717172
E-mail: durga.v.mail@gmail.com

Durga Verma is a ceramic artist based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. She completed her graduation in Fine Arts (BFA in Sculpture) from CSJM Kanpur University, Kanpur in 2018 and was awarded with medal for securing first position in Fine Arts in the University. She has done a six months pottery course from IGNOU in 2009 and later completed her PG diploma in Commercial Arts from Women’s Polytechnic in New Delhi.

Post her BFA, she joined a 6-months residency programme at Anvi Pottery in the outskirts of Mumbai, where she learned Advanced pottery and glaze-making from master Ceramicist Mr. Sandeep Manchekar. The learning and skills had to be used, which was the motivation to open her own studio- MAHI CERAMICS.

Mahi Ceramics is a pottery, ceramics and sculpture studio. Here, artist Durga teaches basics of pottery through weekly, monthly, and half-yearly courses. The courses include hand-building, wheel pottery and pottery decoration, glaze making and glaze application, firing of the ware. She works with both earthenware (Terracotta) and stoneware and different forms of clay modelling, along with sculpture and specialises in different firing methods such as Raku and Obvara (Japanese techniques of firing). Her handmade pottery production at the studio itself is available through shipping pan India or at studio sale.

She has consecutively been active as a Clay and Pottery instructor in reputed schools of Mussoorie, Dehradun and Gurgaon. Recently, her pottery workshop under HUNAR, a skill development programme, was conducted in Army Public School, Dehradun, and about 800 students participated in this workshop. She has participated in several exhibitions. Her prominent participations are Potter’s Market, Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow in 2019, exhibition at IAS Academy, Dehradun in 2022, exhibition at Delhi Blue Pottery, Delhi in 2023, showcase at Nine Fish Art gallery, Mumbai in 2023. She was awarded for her work from DIC, Dehradun in 2022

Prof. Sameer Khandekar

Course Coordinator

Sir M Visvesvaraya Chair,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
IIT Kanpur

Tel:(+91)-512-259-7038 (Office Hours)
E-mail: approach@iitk.ac.in

Registration and Web-related query:

Mr. Vinay Kumar
Phone: 0512-259-7795 (Office Hours)
Email: vinayku@iitk.ac.in

Mr. Yogendra Singh
Phone: 0512-259-7795 (Office Hours)
Email: yogs@iitk.ac.in

Registration Procedure

Registration Fees

Non-refundable, one-time down payment at the time of registration

  • IITK Student/Faculty/Staff/Guest/Visiting Faculty/PDFs/ Project Staff:
    Rs. 2,500/- (no GST)
  • IITK Campus resident, relative of IITK Faculty and Staff:
    Rs. 3,540/- (including 18% GST)
  • All others:
    Rs. 4,720/- (including 18% GST)
Last date of pre-registration is 15 November 2023

Step #1: Pre-registration (no Payment required at this stage)

By Pre-registering for the course on our website, you fix your position in the First-Come-First-Serve queue. You also commit that if selected you will pay the applicable fees and attend the course. Please pre-register only if you are serious about attending the OFFLINE course which will be held at the campus of IIT Kanpur. Based on the information you provide during pre-registration, course organizers will select you for the course and invite you to go to Step 2, i.e., REGISTRATION. Please note that there are only limited seats for this course.

Step #2: Registration (Full Payment required at this stage)

Selected participants who have completed pre-registration properly and have been invited by the Course Organizers will be required to complete their Registration by paying the applicable fees in a stipulated time period. The payment portal will be informed to the selected participants. If we do not receive you completed registration form including the payment till the deadline, we will then invite others in the waiting list.