ONLINE Sanskrit Language Program
2nd May 2022 to 30th June 2022
Course Time: 6 PM to 7 PM (Monday to Friday)
Online Platform: Zoom and Google Classroom
About the Course

This is a comprehensive Saṃskrit Course for Absolute Beginners to learn right from Alphabets to Classical texts in Saṃskrit . The entire course is divided into 7 modules and the lessons are taken step by step, in easy explanations and exercises to build a foundation for Saṃskrit learning by focussing on conceptual understanding. This course is a unique combination of Spoken Saṃskrit and basic Saṃskrit Grammar thorough simple methods to easily and quickly grasp the oldest language which contains a treasure of knowledge in its different scriptures.

You will be taken through lesson after lesson in easy steps to develop the language knowledge right from the base. In this course, more importance is given to explain the basic structure of the language, through worksheets, different exercises and gradually adding on new topics. Please go through the Detailed Course Structure below.

About the Instructor:

Dr. Chaitali Dangarikar is a Saṃskrit scholar associated with IIT Kanpur from 2014. She was part of various research projects in IIT Bombay and IIT Kanpur. Originally trained in traditional and modern Saṃskrit scholarship, she obtained her doctorate degree in the field of Saṃskrit from the Department of Humanities and Social sciences, IIT Bombay. Her research interests include Saṃskrit grammatical tradition, Indian philosophy of language and lexicography. (She can be reached at

Course Structure

7 Modules, 35 lessons

Module 1: Phonology and Parts of Speech

Day 1: Introduction to Course content, Introduction to Saṃskrit . Phonology rules, Pronunciation of alphabets, Written forms of alphabets, post consonantal vowels and consonantal conjuncts

Day 2: Phonological rules (सन्धि) and Vowel gradation

Day 3: Simple Nouns (Nouns ending in -अ and Verb in present tense.

Day 4: Case meanings (कारक)

Day 5: Personal Pronouns (अस्मत् and युष्मत्)

Module 2: Parts of Speech and sentences in present tense

Day 6: Simple sentences in present indicative (वर्तमाने लट्). Active (परस्मैपद) and the Middle voice (आत्मनेपद)

Day7: Nouns ending in आ

Day 8: Demonstrative Pronouns (तत् and एतत्)

Day 9: Adjectives of Pronominal Declension

Day 10: Moods: Potential or optative (विध्यर्थ) & Birthday/Anniversary/Best wishes in Saṃskrit

Module 3: Interrogative sentences

Day 11: Nouns in -i/-u (-इ/-उ)

Day 12: Interrogative, Relative, and Correlative Indeclinable (the K-Y-T series) )

Day 13: Interrogative, Relative, and Correlative Pronouns )

Day 14: Relative, and Correlative Sentence Examples)

Day 15: Indefinite and Absolute constructions, famous slogans and sayings and mottos )

Module 4: Vocabulary

Day 16: Nouns in -ī (-ई)

Day 17: गण-s of the Present System

Day 18: Vocabulary building, Dictionaries कोशs, Synonyms and Antonyms

Day 19: Story from modern literature

Day 20: संवाद

Module 5: Past Tense

Day 21: Verbs - The Imperfect (अनद्यतन भूते लङ्)

Day 22: Preverbs and how they change the meanings of verbs उपसर्ग-s

Day 23: Nouns in -aḥ/-iḥ/-uḥ (-अः/-इः/-उः)

Day 24: Verbs - The Passive (कर्मणि प्रयोग)

Day 25: Story from classical Saṃskrit literature

Module 6: Use of Past participles in nominal sentences

Day 26: Nouns in -ṛ (-ऋ)

Day 27: Verbs - The Past Passive Participle (भूते कृदन्त)

Day 28: Nouns & Adjectives in -ant (-अन्त)

Day 29: Verbs - The Past Active Participle (क्तवतु)

Day 30: Saṃskrit Drama and Poetry

Module 7: Imperative mood

Day 31: Verbs - The Imperative (लोट्)

Day 32: The Gerund (त्वान्त / ल्यबन्त)

Day 33: Nouns & Adjectives in -in (-इन्)

Day 34: The Infinitive (तुमुन्नन्त)

Day 35: Concluding Session.

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