Multiphase Combustion: Theory and Modelling
(Online Mode)
5-9 December 2022
Course Overview

Combustion is still the world's most important and most widely used energy conversion technology. Potential environmental damage and limited resources of fossil fuels require more intensive efforts to better understand the underlying combustion processes, especially those resulting from liquid fuels and subsequent sprays. The fundamental knowledge of sprays and combustion is expected to improve the design of the industrial combustion systems by enhancing the flame stability, improving the combustion efficiency, and reduction in pollutant formation. The short course is intended to provide fundamental understanding of this multi-scale, multi-physics problem, i.e. combustion, sprays and their potential applications and challenges in the development of modern combustor systems for the transportation, power-generation and other industrial applications.

Course Information
Course participants will learn these topics through lectures and interactive sessions.

Module 1. Generality of Multiphase Flows
Module 2. Liquid Atomization and Spray Structure
Module 3. Characterization of Sprays and micro-processes
Module 4. Turbulence and turbulent combustion
Module 5. Phase Change Phenomena and Mixture Formation
Module 6. Spray Transport and interphase coupling Dynamics
Module 7. Turbulent Spray Combustion
Module 8. Numerical Description Techniques of Turbulent Dispersed Spray Combustion

You Should Attend if…
  • Executives, engineers and researchers from academia, industry and government organizations including R&D laboratories with a background in aerospace, automotive,mechanical, and chemical engineering.
  • Postgraduate students (MSc/MTech/PhD) and faculty from reputed academic institutions and technical institutions.

Lecture wise Schedule

Each day will have two sessions:

  1. Session – 1 ( IST: 15:00 – 17:00 hrs)
  2. Session -2 (IST: 19:00 – 21:00 hrs)

  1. Day 1 (December 05, 2022)

    • Lecture1: Generality of Multiphase Flows (Prof. Amsini Sadiki)
    • Lecture 2-4: Liquid Atomization and Spray Structure (Prof. Amsini Sadiki)

  2. Day 2 (December 06, 2022)

    • Lecture 5: Characterization of Sprays and micro-processes (Prof. Amsini Sadiki)
    • Lecture 6-8: Turbulence and turbulent combustion-I (Prof. Ashoke De)

  3. Day 3 (December 07, 2022)

    • Lecture 9 : Turbulence and turbulent combustion-II (Prof. Ashoke De)
    • Lecture 10-11 : Spray Transport and inter-phase Coupling Dynamics (Prof. Amsini Sadiki)
    • Lecture 12 : Phase Change Phenomena and Mixture Formation-II (Prof. Amsini Sadiki)

  4. Day 4 (December 08, 2022)

    • Lecture 13: Phase Change Phenomena and Mixture Formation-II (Prof. Amsini Sadiki)
    • Lecture 14-16 : Turbulent Spray Combustion (Prof. Amsini Sadiki)

  5. 5. Day 5 (December 09, 2022)

    • Lecture 17-20 : Turbulent Dispersed Spray Combsution (Prof. Amsini Sadiki)

The Faculty

Prof. Amsini Sadiki

is the leader of the modeling and numerical group at the Institute of Energy and Powerplant Technology at the Technical University of Darmstadt (TUD). His research interests focuses on exergy analysis and on developing new techniques for modelling and simulating complex fluid flows in complicated geometries of energy systems including multiphase reacting flows and interacting processes using CFD.

Prof. Ashoke De

is a Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and having a joint appointment in the Department of Sustainable Energy Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. His research interests are CFD, High Speed Flows, Flow-Acoustics Coupling, Fluid-Structure Interaction & Energy Harvesting, Turbulence Modeling, Multiphase flows and Combustion.

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Course Code: 2022-23/041
Course Title: Multiphase Combustion: Theory and Modelling
Course Duration: 05.12.2022 - 09.12.2022