Course Objective

The basic idea behind this workshop is to apprise the faculty members and students of Govt. women Engineering College Ajmer about latest developments including various pedagogical aspects in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering with primary focus on Electromagnetic Theory, RF and Microwave Engineering.


Prof. Rajesh M. Hegde

Phone: 0512-259-6248

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Prof. K V Srivastava

Phone: 0512-259-7105

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Prof. A. R. Harish

Phone: 0512-259-7569

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Prof. M J Akhtar

Phone: 0512-259-6523

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Course Content

The detailed course content shall include, but not limited to:

  • Review of electromagnetic theory, Time varying electromagnetic fields, Maxwell’s equations, Plane wave, Concept of phase and group velocity, Rectangular waveguide and cavity
  • Transmission lines, Parameters of two conductor transmission lines, Coaxial lines, Microstrip lines, Mode configuration in microstrip lines, Impedance matching, Smith chart, Single and double stub matching
  • Microwave circuits, S-parameters, 2-port network, Directional coupler, 3-dB coupler, Power divider, Microwave resonators, RF filters.
  • RF Amplifier, LNA design and topology, Nonlinearity in RF design, Harmonic distortion, Gain compression, Noise figure, Sensitivity and dynamic range.
  • Review of antenna, Basic antenna parameters, Conventional antennas such as Dipole, Loop, Horn, Parabolic, Antenna arrays.
  • Modern planar antenna design, Microstrip patch antenna, CP antenna, PIFA geometry, MIMO concept.
  • Advanced RF measurement techniques, Vector network analyzer, Spectrum analyzer, S-parameter characterization of 2-port network, Antenna radiation pattern measurement.
  • Industrial applications of microwaves, Microwave heating, RF sensors, Microwave imaging techniques.

In addition to theory lectures, the proposed one week short course would also involve hands-on training and lab demonstration of various experiments as follows.

  • Lab demonstration including hands-on training related to various RF instruments such as the network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, power meter, antenna pattern measurement.
  • Hands-on training with the RF and Microwave Virtual Laboratory developed by IIT Kanpur.