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Campus School was started on 14 July 1964 when the founding Director Late P.K.Kelkar realized the needs of the high class faculty and staff in the field of Primary Education on the Campus. Mrs. Meera Parasnis was the first Chairperson. Dr.Kelkar arranged, through the KIAP Programme education experts from USA, to visit and advice in matters of child development and teaching methodology. This laid the foundation of the Campus School at IIT Kanpur. Doing Science with actual laboratory experience rather than just reading and listening, regular Science Exhibitions and Annual Open House were started then as a tradition are still the pivotal points of the school. Fostering learning in a playful manner where the potential of the child is identified and individual capabilities are developed for bringing out the best in them is the motto of the school. Allowing children free to explore on their own and learn through experience, making and doing things, experimenting, reading, discussing, listening, thinking and reflecting are highlighted, thus enabling them to express themselves better in speech and in writing. A well balanced curriculum based on CBSE pattern, continuous evaluation of identified aspects of students growth and development spread over the entire span of the academic session, diagnosis of learning gaps, use of corrective measures, retesting and feedback of evidence to teachers and students for their self evaluation has guided the school to prosper. Campus School is built in the heart of the IIT Campus and has a vast play field and front lawns with trees, blooming flowers and attractive swings for the students. Spacious class rooms are spread on the ground floor and first floor with Activity Labs. The beauty of the school is that it caters to the needs of diverse section of IIT Kanpur community and in the recent past 10 percent of seats has been reserved for the Non IIT K employees. It has a well qualified staff, adequate helping staff and has 600+ students. The Chairman, Institute nominee have been a guiding force for the school. We believe in developing the school as a social space because conceptual development is a continuous process of deepening and acquiring new layers of meaningful perceptions. The endeavor is to train the students to not only acquire academic excellence but also acquire life skills so that they grow into balanced individuals.