BSBE Faculty

Jonaki Sen


Contact Information:
Email: jonaki[at]
Tel: (91) 512-259-4054
Fax: (91) 512-259-4010 

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Academic Background:

Dr. Jonaki Sen carried out her doctoral research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and her postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School, Boston (USA). Dr Sen joined the faculty of BSBE in December 2006.


Research Interests:

Dr. Sen's broad research interests lie in understanding the process of development of the vertebrate nervous system at the molecular level. The nervous system develops through a series of well-coordinated steps beginning with the production of neurons from progenitor cells, their migration, differentiation and formation of functional synapses with appropriate targets. She is interested in understanding the role of signaling molecules and their interactions with each other in this context. For this purpose both chick and mouse embryos are used as models. Her goal is to obtain insight about evolutionarily conserved developmental processes through comparison of the mechanisms between chick and mice. 


The research in Dr. Sens lab is currently focused on:
1) Understanding the molecular mechanisms regulating forebrain morphogenesis.
2) Comparing the regulation of hippocampus development in mouse and chick.
3) Identifying the mechanisms of topographic map formation in the visual system.
4) Studying the process of neurogenesis and gliogenesis in the mouse cortex.