UG/PG Teaching Labs (2900 sq ft): 

The department has two laboratories (total 1600 Sq ft) with necessary facilities (microscopes, centrifuges, laminar hood, incubators, geldoc system, fermentor, electrophoressis apparatus, etc) for conducting lab courses (microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, biochemical engineering and biomaterials) for the undergraduate students (about 100/year), and a computational facility for bioinformatics lab (920 sq ft) equipped with work stations and network access to servers. In addition, an instrumentation lab (420 sq ft) for housing equipments for the UG/PG teaching is allotted in the teaching wing.


Core facilities of the Department (2600 Sq ft): 

Each of the three floors of the department houses two central laboratories and special facilities to house the core facilities of the department. These included the ultra centrifuges, large volume centrifuges, shaker incubators, confocal and fluorescence microscopes, geldoc systems, water purifier, autoclaves, cold rooms, deep freezers, computational servers, scanning electron microscopes, virus culture facility, HPLC, peptide synthesizer, DNA sequencer, cell sorter, fractionator, etc.


X‐ray crystallography facility (350 Sq ft) and Radioisotope facility (300 sq ft): 

The basement of the BSBE building houses these two facilities. These include the X-ray diffractor, scintillation counter, phosphoimager etc.


Experimental Animal Facility (360 sq ft):

The department has a small facility to house transgenic animals for research. This includes a make-shift room with individually ventilated cage system for animal rearing. Currently 5 different transgenic lines are being maintained, and 5 more are under import.