BSBE Faculty

Bushra Ateeq

Associate Professor
Wellcome Trust-DBT Intermediate Fellow

Contact Information:
Email: bushra[at]
Tel: (91) 512-259-4083
Fax:  (91) 512-259-4010

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Academic Background:

Dr. Bushra Ateeq obtained her Ph.D. from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. After a brief stint as a Research Associate at AIIMS and NII, New Delhi, she moved to McGill University, Montreal, for her postdoctoral training. Then she joined Michigan Center for Translational Pathology, University of Michigan, where she also served as a Research Investigator (Junior Faculty) before joining the faculty of BSBE department in February, 2013.

Research Interests:

The primary research focus of Dr. Bushra's laboratory is to understand the complex molecular events involved in prostate and breast cancer, identify early diagnostic markers and valuable therapeutic targets. A major advance in personalized medicine has been the classification of cancer by specific molecular and genetic aberrations rather than histological characteristics or tissue of origin. Thus the Molecular Oncology laboratory focuses on experimental evaluation of the functional relevance of the genetic rearrangements, copy number changes and somatic alterations identified by genomic approaches, using molecular and cellular approaches. One of the objectives of her laboratory is molecular characterization of the prostate cancer into various subtypes (ETS fusion; SPINK1 over-expression and PTEN status) among Indian patient population. This critical information will provide a new direction to understand the pathogenesis of cancer, as well as diagnosis and effective therapy. In addition, her laboratory also explores the role of microRNAs in prostate cancer progression. Exploring specific expression of microRNAs among various molecular subsets could also unravel important miRNA biomarkers, which could serve as potential diagnostic as well as therapeutic biomarkers.