April 5 Seminar on: About Drag and Flow of Real Road Vehicles

Professor Olivier Cadot, ENSTA-ParisTech will deliver four seminars during his stay at IITK. The second one is today, March 12, 5 PM in the Classroom at NWTF (3rd Floor).

Speaker:   Prof. Olivier Cadot,  ENSTA-ParisTech
Date  :        Friday, April 5, 2013
Time  :       05:00 P.M.
Venue :     Classroom at NWTF (3rd Floor)


After a brief presention of the general problems encountered by the car builders, we will focus on two vehicles: Peugeot 3008 (monospace) and the Renault Trafic (van). Experiment are performed at real scale in the industrial wind tunnel S2A at Paris. We will present results about the road effect, static pressure measurements around the models, development of boundary layers, mean and fluctuating wake properties.  

About the Speaker

Professor Olivier Cadot, from ENSTA-ParisTech is visiting our Department for about 3 months. His research areas include Experimental Aerodynamics, Turbulence, Flow Control, Automobile Aerodynamics and Bluff Body Wakes.