Autonomous Helicopter

Helicopter laboratory at IIT Kanpur indulges in wide range of research activities related to Helicopter / VTOL vehicles. Primary focus is Design and Development of manned and unmanned autonomous VTOL vehicles of varied weight class. Recent focus has been the development of autonomous mini helicopter, this included design and development of avionics package (Sensing and actuation, Communication, Navigation, Automatic Flight Control and Ground Control).

Focus Areas

  • Flight Testing of autonomous Helicopter and expanding the utility by making the vehicle perform intelligent tasks
  • Structural design and development of a mini helicopter, test bed for performance measurements, control law design and validation
  • Design of flight vehicle
  • Micro Air Vehicles with Hover capability
  • Helicopter aeromechanics

Research Activities

  • Fundamental understanding of flight control
  • Stabilization of highly unstable vehicle
  • Correlation of theory and experiment for scale models
  • Experimental exposure to helicopter study
  • Development of ground station, on board electronics, wireless communication
  • Development of control algorithms for autonomous flight
  • Design of Micro and Mini Helicopters

Faculty Members

Checkout the helicopter video in outdoor flight.