Autonomous Hovering Micro Air Vehicles

Hover capable, autonomous Micro Air Vehicles are of immense interest due to their unique capabilities. The desired characteristics include capabilities such as auto-take off and landing, autonomous hover with velocity and position hold followed by autonomous flight with way-point navigation and obstacle avoidance. Several prototypes of such a vehicles has already been designed and built at IIT Kanpur. Various aspects of development of a fully autonomous flight vehicle with real world applications are being studied.

Video below shows, autonomous hover capability of MAV using velocity feedback in action.

This activity is part of the Helicopter Lab @IIT Kanpur.

Research Interests

  • Helicopter dynamics and aeroelasticity
  • Inverse flight dynamics for helicopters
  • Helicopter design
  • Design and analysis of hover capable MAVs and UAVs
  • Unconventional VTOL/STOL systems
  • Variable speed rotor

Group website:

Keywords: Micro/ Mini / Nano Air Vehicles (MAV), Autonomous systems