Aircraft Structures Lab

Research Areas                                            

  • Smart Materials & Structures
  • Noise & Vibration Suppression
  • Shape Control
  • Alignment Precision Control
  • Damage Detection

The structures laboratory is used to enhance the learning experience of undergraduate students by encouraging them to undertake projects. In addition the structures lab provides facilities which can be used for specimen preparation and testing.
Over the last few years we have been developing and testing smart structural system engineering structures with integrated sensor, information processing, feedback control and actuating devices.
The smart structures experiments have been related to building innovative smart sensors, vibration control and structural health monitoring concepts. Research efforts are directed towards focused on fabricating smart materials such as piezoelectric materials and hydro gels and damage diagnostic methods.
Structures Laboratory Facilities:

The structures lab is set up for experimentation and testing of structural components. Several test frames have been designed and are available with actuators for testing of various structural components.

Digital data acquisition systems allow high speed data collection from multiple channels. The lab is currently being used for a number of research activities involving composite materials, aluminium, wood, polymeric materials, and other structural materials.
All Machines, relevant to structure lab are available. The structure lab consists of the following major equipments :
Tensile testing machine.
Torsion test set up.
300kip compression testing machine
An environment chamber and dewar.
Light industrial ultrasonic scanning tank and equipment.
For further information, Please contact

Prof. S. Kamle
Aircraft Structures Laboratory
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Kanpur - 208 016 (UP)
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