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Focus Areas


Design and Development of avionics package (Sensing and actuation, Communication, Navigation, Automatic Flight Control and Ground Control) for autonomous flight of a mini Helicopter.


Flight Testing of autonomous Helicopter and expanding the utility by making the vehicle perform intelligent tasks.


Structural design and development of a mini helicopter, test bed for performance measurements, Control law design and validation.


With the advancement in technology, ideas which existed only as science fiction, are becoming a reality. One such idea is the development of autonomous mini flying vehicle or Mini/ Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) no larger than a small bird. Accordingly, a lab focusing on the fundamentals of design, manufacturing and testing of systems and sub systems for a mini-helicopter is developed. Autonomous Mini-Helicopter which while weighing only a few kilograms incorporates most of the functions of a real life helicopter and achieves autonomous flight. This lab serves as a platform to test innovative ideas in the design, development, ground/flight testing of autonomous flying vehicle.





Prof. C. Venkatesan - Helicopter Dynamics and Aeroelasticity, Active Vibration Control, Smart Structure Analysis


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Prof. C. Venkatesan
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Kanpur - 208 016 (UP)

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