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  Projects : Parachute Assisted Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  Sponsoring Agency : ADRDE
Period : 2010-2011

The deliverables of this project are to design, develop and manufacture a full scaled unmanned aerial vehicle which can be used for surveillance. The vehicle should also be designed in a way such that it can be recovered with the help of a parafoil mounted in it. The wing span is aimed to be kept high to facilitate easy gliding. Some other additional features imparted to the aircraft are a retractable landing gear, an all movable horizontal and vertical tail, a twin engine and a blended wing configuration. The aircraft can adapt to different configurations by changing wing sweep and the length of moment arm of tail, making it a variable stability aircraft (VSA). Indigenous mechanisms are developed to serve these purposes. These functions convert this aircraft into a test bed where flight data for different configurations during a single flight can be acquired. Various electronic components such as angle of attack sensor, INS, GPS, servos, etc. are installed on the aircraft to make it work as an unmanned vehicle. Also there is a facility for data telemetry from aircraft to ground station. The entire, design, instrumentation and manufacturing of different parts is being done at Flight Lab, IIT Kanpur. The flight data will be compared using analytical methods, wind tunnel experiments and real flight experiments.

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