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  Projects : Micro Air Vehicle

A miniature air vehicle is proposed to be developed which can operate in an unmanned state so that it can be useful for shot endurance surveillance purposes. The prime objective of this project is to design and manufacture a light weight (<50gms) and compact (to be able to fit in a box of dimensions 150X150 mm) fully instrumented system which can serve the above purposes. The instruments to be mounted on the vehicle are an angle of attack sensor, INS, potentiometers, actuators for deflecting control surfaces and facility for data telemetry (video, etc.). These instruments are all micro sized in order to meet the weight requirements. A successful configuration of the MAV has been flown manually which is being instrumented at present to achieve unmanned flight. The dynamics of the entire system are analysed using 6 DOF modelling to simulate the behaviour of the body during flight.

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