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  Teaching at IIT Kanpur 
  Taught several courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. These include:-

1. Introduction to Flight Mechanics
2. Airplane performance
3. Stability and Control
4. Introduction to Experiments in Flights
5. Aircraft Design
6. Flight Dynamics
  Research Experience

1. Scientist, DRDO, Ministry of Defense, India (1982 -1994): Aerodynamic Design and Development of
  a. Unguided Rocket-PINAKA
b. Mortar Bomb
c. High Speed low drag Bomb, 250Kg, 450Kg
d. Anti-tank ammunition for ARJUN tank and T-72 tank 
  AT IIT Kanpur:

2. Design and Development of: 
  a. Five degrees of Freedom Dynamic Test Rig
b. Parafoil
c. Guided Bomb
d. Lattice Fin
e. FAE Bomb
f. Glider based Torpedo delivery system
g. Parafoil based delivery system
h. Akashdeep Aerostat
i. Stratospheric Airship
3. Parameter estimation using neural network from flight data of light combat aircraft.

4. Estimation of aerodynamic parameter through wind tunnel testing

5. Post flight analysis of flight data of unguided rocket and anti-tank ammunition.

6. Research work on development of supercavitating vehicle

7. Development of control laws using Non linear Dynamic Inversion Technique
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             +91-512-2597729, +91-512-2597807 (Flight Lab)
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