Address for correspondence

The Secretariat, ACODS-2014
C/O Prof. L. Behera (General Chair)
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur,
Kanpur, UP, India.
Phone: +91-512-2597198,
Fax: +91-512-2590063,


Conference Venue

Lecture Hall Complex
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur(IITK)
Kanpur, 208016, INDIA

How to reach the conference venue

Travel by air

The Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in New Delhi is a convenient point of entry for arriving at Kanpur. Most of the major airports in India and abroad are connected to IGI airport, New Delhi.
  One flight of Air India is available between New Delhi - Kanpur. The taxi charges from Kanpur airport to IIT Kanpur are approximately Rs. 800/-.
  Flights between New Delhi - Lucknow are frequently available between 6 am - 9 pm. There are also some direct flights from Mumbai - Lucknow and Kolkata - Lucknow. Visitors to IIT Kanpur can take a taxi from Lucknow Airport. It takes around 2 hours to reach IIT Kanpur. Taxis are also available at IIT campus to pick up from the Lucknow airport. They charge around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3500 (depending on vehicle type and AC/nonAC).
  However, visitors are generally not recommended to travel via Kanpur airport.

Domestic travel by train

Kanpur Central Railway station is well connected to most of the cities in North,  South, East and Central India. It is located on the Delhi-Kolkata train route and all major trains between these cities usually pass through Kanpur central.
  New Delhi - Kanpur connection ranges from 5 hour to 10 hours travel depending on the type of trains. It is well connected by Shatabdi and Rajdhani expresses.
IIT Kanpur is about 16 kms from the Kanpur Central Railway Station. Taxis and Three-wheelers are available from the Cantonment side (Platform No. 1 side) of the Kanpur Central Railway Station. The rates are around Rs. 250/- to 350/- for a taxi and Rs. 160/- for a Three-wheeler auto rickshaw.

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Travel & Foreign Exchange

It is recommended that all non-Indian participants read the information about Indian immigration at Bureau of Immigration, India and take appropriate actions to comply with the immigration policies/rules. A letter of invitation may be required to apply for an Indian visa to attend the conference(s). In such situation, please contact the chair of the respective conference.

In India, INR is the only legal currency allowed in financial transactions. So, visitors are advised to carry sufficient funds in INR for basic expenses and to only transact with merchants in INR. However, many merchants in Kanpur do accept major credit cards --- Visa, MasterCard, and Ames. INR can be obtained at various foreign exchange vendors both at New Delhi International Airport (upon arrival). It is advised that any participant converting foreign currency into INR should retain the transaction advice for these conversions. Similarly, it is advised to retain transaction slips for withdrawal of cash in INR from ATMs. These transaction advices and slips are required to convert any left-over INR into foreign currencies before departing from India.