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Education is one of the key factors in the development of a country, Excellence in education bring prosperity in nation. The base requirement for the development of human capabilities is Education. To meet the challenges of a global world, significant role has been played by the central and state governments in India, since independence. Still there is need to take large number of new initiatives to improve education in India. One of the major concern has been the equity in education. Private participation and contribution from the non-governmental sector can really help improve the situation considerably.


Guide to Independent UK Boarding Schools - information source about boarding schools in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, including information about the UK educational system.
New Jersey Networking Infrastructure in Education (NIE) Project - Centre for improved Engineering & Science Education
Global Information Infrastructure Commission - aims to foster private sector leadership and private-public sector cooperation in the development of information networks and services to advance global economic growth, education, and quality of life
Education and Research NETwork (ERNET) - provides communication infrastructure and services to research institutions, government organizations, and NGOs.



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